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  • Five Top US Schools for Sustainability Education

    Want to study sustainability? Environmentally-themed majors are popping up at colleges and universities around the US; these five schools, though, are among the top tier for sustainability studies. More

  • Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (10/8/10)

    Yep, it’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a Five for Friday… but not because of a dearth of attention-grabbing posts. There’s always good stuff going on in the green blogosphere… so time to get back to giving that good stuff some love. The BP oil spill, and the politics surrounding it, are keeping […] More

  • The College Community Garden: 6 Schools Growin' their Own

    You likely associate community gardens with neighborhoods: residents (either with permission or “guerrilla gardening”-style) take over an empty lot and turn it into a green space. It turns out that colleges and universities have gotten in on the act: a number of schools around the US now offer space to students, faculty, and staff members […] More

  • 12 Greenest Colleges and Universities in the U.S.

    Editor’s note: Looking for more updated information on green colleges & universities? Check out this infographic. In many respects, the modern environmental movement was born in the colleges and universities that dot the American landscape. And that spirit and enthusiasm for green innovation continues to flourish today. But with all of the green claims made […] More

  • Recyclemania: The Biggest College Competition You've Never Heard of

    How many colleges and universities belong to the NCAA’s Division I? 342 How many colleges and universities are participating in the 2009 Recyclemania? 510 College sports fans will likely say “That’s not an accurate comparison, Jeff.” They’re probably right… but, the question remains: Have you ever heard of Recyclemania? [social_buttons]I hadn’t until checking my feed […] More

  • Green Report Card for US College Campuses

    When the future of our planet’s environment is concerned, one of the groups that we hope are paying attention is those currently attending college. They will be the leaders, the decision makers, the discoverers and changers of the future. But at the moment, they are simply learning the value of calculus and being exposed to […] More

  • Measuring Sustainability on Campus: AASHE Launches Pilot of STARS

    What’s the best defense against charges of “greenwashing?” Its measurement, of course: accurate, verifiable assessments provide evidence that an institution is “walking the walk” in its efforts to operate more sustainably. While the business world might have the most to gain in terms of releasing concrete data regarding sustainability initiatives, higher education’s enthusiastic embrace of […] More