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  • Two Guys Growing Mushrooms in Berkeley: a Sustainable Business Success Story

    Last week, Nikhil Arora of Back to the Roots reached out to me about his company’s signature product, a kit for growing oyster mushrooms at home (in a mere ten days… much quicker that, say, shiitake mushrooms!). I’ve been traveling, so we haven’t had a chance to talk beyond quick emails, but I did get […] More

  • rose coffee grounds

    How to Grow Amazing Roses with Coffee Grounds

    I have found few things as rewarding as spending time in the garden, listening to the birds chatter, and to see little flying things moving around the leaves of home grown fruits and vegetables. Halfway through a wet Australian Summer, my garden is in excellent condition, from the topsoil to the tips of the sunflowers… […] More

  • Give Your Truck a Caffeine Jolt: Spent Coffee Grounds as a Biodiesel

    The world produces an insane amount of coffee each year, somewhere around 16 billion pounds.Β  The grounds are soaked in water, that’s the end of their life.Β  They are not really consumed, only used for a small fraction of their delightful oils and stimulating phytochemicals (read: caffeine).Β  If the grounds are lucky, maybe they end […] More