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  • The High Cost of Storm Water Runoff

    The affluent village of Winnetka, outside Chicago, needs a new storm water drainage system. Parts of the village are flooded regularly. The high price tag has some residents complaining. More

  • Waste Water Dumped into the Chicago River

    More than 1.2 billion gallons of partially treated waste water goes into the Chicago River each day. This infographic from Angel Water Conditioning, Inc. really brings that home. More

  • Chicago-based Eco-Friendly Dentist Doubles Down on Green

    In Chicago, the hub of all things green in the Midwest, the ORA Dental Studio has really picked up the concept of eco-dentistry and run with it. Not only do they offer what is now the typical combination of Earth-friendly dental equipment in a relaxing atmosphere, but they do it in a certified green building More

  • I-GO Car Sharing Launches Largest Solar-Powered EV Project

    I know sustainablog founder and editor Jeff McIntire-Strasburg is an I-GO fan — I actually learned about this Chicago car sharing non-profit from Jeff when he wrote about it earlier this year on sustainablog. Well, now, this humble little car sharing non-profit is leading the country.. in powering electric cars with solar power. More

  • I-GO Car Sharing: Mobility as Social Enterprise

    When I first started talking to people at St. Louis-based Enterprise Holdings (the owners of Enterprise Rent-a-Car and a few others), they were just getting into the car sharing concept with a limited local experiment… and told me that they weren’t certain whether the model would really take off. Three and a half years later, […] More

  • Kickstarter Success: Merchant Park Community Garden

    We’ve shared a number of food-related projects that are seeking Kickstarter funding, but today I ran across a food-related Kickstarter project that was super cool and has already surpassed its funding goal!

    Don’t you just love good news? More

  • Urban Agriculture in Chicago

    Editor’s note: this post is a part of our series on successful urban farming initiatives in the United States. While much green development over the past decade or so has happened on the coasts, Chicago has demonstrated to the rest of the US that flyover country has plenty to contribute on this front, also. Mayor […] More

  • Urban Agriculture Success Stories (that you may have missed)

    Can small scale, urban farming feed the world… or even provide a significant portion of the food needed for local residents? I don’t know… I do know you’ll find different perspectives on that question right here on the pages of sustainablog. Regardless, urban agriculture does create a number of benefits, particularly in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods: […] More

  • Mobile Market Brings Locally-Grown Produce to Food Deserts in Chicago

    How can a community deal with food deserts, or urban areas without ready access to a variety of healthy, fresh foods? Convincing grocery chain to enter these often impoverished neighborhoods is one idea; urban farming is another (that’s really taken off). Chicago’s Food Desert Network has just launched yet another alternative: the Fresh Moves […] More

  • Will Chicago Stay on its Green Path under Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

    It wasn’t that long ago that you immediately looked to coastal cities in the US for green innovation: if it wasn’t happening in green cities like New York, Portland, OR, or San Francisco, it probably wasn’t happening at all in the US… Austin, TX seemed the only exception to this rule. Then, a few years […] More

  • Chicago Says Disinfecting City's Sewage is Eco Un-Friendly

    Chicago is the only major U.S. city that does not disinfect its sewage. Why? Because it’s bad for the environment. At least that’s the latest reason from its 120-year-old water agency. They claim disinfecting the water would bolster the district’s greenhouse gas emissions and thereby do more bad than good. Engineers with the Metropolitan Water […] More

  • Michigan Sues Illinois Over Asian Carp Invasion

    The fight to control the invasion of Asian carp in the Great Lakes is spurring legal battles between Midwestern states.  Michigan, with the backing of Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota, is suing Illinois to prevent the Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan.   Not only invasive species but toxic chemicals, urbanization, and climate change threaten […] More

  • Earth Pups: Chicago Woman Fulfills Dream of Green Doggy Daycare

    Julie Thomas had been working for LaSalle Bank for ten years when she got her final assignment. She was transferred to Chicago to sell the bank-essentially, to sell herself out of a job. In that situation, most people of Thomas’ ilk would have begun the search for another corporate career. But with new-found freedom and […] More

  • Sears Tower Reaches for Heights of Efficiency With $350 Million Retrofit

    The Sears Tower loomed large during my childhood in the Chicago suburbs. I remember when it opened in 1973. We took a special trip downtown to see it. According to my aesthetics as a seven year old, it wasn’t very elegant and I preferred the John Hancock Tower with its swanky restaurant on the 95th […] More

  • Solutions to Global Warming: Reduce my Carbon Footprint by 70%?

    Making a list of actions you can take to prevent global warming, or at least reduce your own carbon footprint? One item you may not have considered: move to (or stay in) an urban environment. Reduce Your Transportation Carbon Emissions by 70% [social_buttons]That’s the conclusion shown by data recently added to  the Chicago-based Center for […] More

  • Plant It Green: Five Tips for Mixing Sustainable Foods into Your Next Event

    Large events, from weddings to corporate functions to even your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary bash, provide a double-edged sword when it comes to going green. On one side, as events like these often focus around food, such gatherings provide the ideal opportunity to showcase local, seasonal and organic fare. But then there’s the other dark […] More

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