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  • EcoRecho: the Clean Cook Stove for Haitians

    Can a clean cook stove use charcoal as its fuel source? I didn’t think so until I came across the EcoRecho, and the realities of cooking food in the most impoverished parts of Haiti. More

  • Novotera's Hybrid Biochar Cooking Stove: Clean Cooking and Economic Opportunity

    Clean cooking stoves address multiple problems created by traditional indoor cooking in the developing world: they reduce the amount of smoke and soot that leads to respiratory disease, they cut deforestation rates, and they lighten the carbon impact of food preparation. Canadian social enterprise Novotera has added a further benefit to this technology: its PlanetStove also creates economic opportunities for users because it creates charcoal from the wood users “burn” in their stoves. More

  • July 4th Grilling

    The July 4th weekend is a big one for grilling. There’s nothing like getting the family or a group of friends together, playing ball with the kids, and grilling up some grub. But grilling also has its problems, environmentally speaking. All that heat produced at the same time and particulate matter thrown into the air […] More

  • Seven Tips for Greening Your Barbecue This Summer

    With Memorial Day Weekend just around the corner, millions of people will be firing up their grills to celebrate an American past time. Here are some quick tips to keeping your barbecue safe, waste-free, and fun! 1. What’s the greenest grilling option? Electric and propane grills are definitely better than charcoal. If that’s your only […] More