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  • Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (8/27/10)

    While I’m not at all surprised to see that environmental politics, climate change, and the BP oil spill still dominate the rankings on Regator’s Environmentalism page this week, I am a bit perplexed by one of the issues that doesn’t appear at all: the massive recall of eggs potentially contaminated with salmonella. Of course, Regator’s […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #11 at Green Marketing TV

    Better late than never, right? The folks over at Green Marketing TV ran into some issues last Friday that forced a postponement of the Green Business Blog Carnival… but they were able to get Edition #11 posted yesterday, and it was worth waiting for. So, what’s the buzz in the green business blogs over the […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #10 at Cleantechies

    Yep, moving a little slowly… I blame it on last week’s heat wave (which has finally ended). Fortunately, our friends at Cleantechies were right on the mark (and, in fairness, they had cool, pleasant weather), and got Friday’s Green Business Blog Carnival published right on schedule. Edition #10 was a little light (I’m blaming that […] More

  • Five for Friday: Great Green Blogs Posts for the Week (8/13/10)

    Wow… it’s hot! Between the record-breaking heat around the world, and other extreme weather phenomena, you can understand how global warming has moved up into the number two spot on Regator’s Environmentalism page… got to be on a lot of people’s minds (even though, of course, you can’t attribute specific weather event directly to climate […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #8 at Eco-Libris

    A little slow on the jump here, but the Green Business Blog Carnival did make its scheduled stop on Friday at Eco-Libris’ blog. This was the second time the Carnival was hosted at a green company’s blog… we hope to see more of that in the future. So, what did Raz and crew find interesting […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #7 at Calfinder's Solar Blog

    It’s almost the weekend, and here at sustainablog, that means giving some love to the weekly host of the Green Business Blog Carnival! This week was the biggest yet, and Calfinder blogger extraordinaire Taylen Peterson clearly had a lot of fun putting this week’s edition together at their Residential Solar Power Blog. So what’s on […] More

  • Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (7/23/10)

    While the oil spill continues to dominate the green blogosphere, one of the most interesting things I’m seeing this week is the relative quiet about tropical storm Bonnie heading right towards the central Gulf Coast. Could be these posts haven’t gotten indexed yet… would love to see some details on the potential impacts of the […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #5 Posted at Cleantechies

    Got your fix of green business news and ideas this week? If not, head over to Cleantechies for this week’s edition of the Green Business Blog Carnival, where editor Walter Wang put together a great collection of posts (and passes around margaritas!). Featured this week: green web hosts, entrepreneurial approaches to composting (yes, that’s mine), […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #4 up at David Coethica's blog

    Another Friday, another double whammy of link love. Our own Five for Friday went up earlier this morning, and, on the business front, David Coethica’s blog played host to this week’s Green Business Blog Carnival this week. As you’ll see simply by the number of posts, the idea seems to be catching on… so look […] More

  • Green Business Blog Carnival #3 up at The Inspired Economist

    Been on the road most of the weekend, so getting to the most recent edition of the Green Business Blog Carnival kind of late… but it’s still there. Our friends at The Inspired Economist served as our first non-founder host, and did a bang-up job: from green marketing, to solar for small business, to green […] More

  • Five for Friday: Green Blogs Posts for the Week (5/21/10)

    Once upon a time, a significant percentage of my posts were inspired by other green bloggers. I kept a close eye on what was happening in the green blogosphere, and frequently responded to, or extrapolated from, the ideas my fellow bloggers put out there. While I do still keep a close eye on things, I’ve […] More

  • Green Government 2.0: State Blogs on Environmental Issues

    How do elected officials attempt to ensure transparency these days (or, at least, the appearance of transparency)? By posting information online… we saw yet another example of this just in the last week with President Obama’s call to post all earmarks online. Transparency is a laudable goal, no doubt, but, as I noted in an […] More

  • Green Government 2.0: Federal Blogs, Environmental Issues

    Social media and blogging have caught on like wildfire in political campaigns: over the last few election cycles, we’ve seen candidates for all levels of office taking advantage of web-based tools to rally the troops, get the message out, and rapidly respond to issues, events, and criticism. But what about when the elections are over, […] More

  • sustainablog Turns Six

    Ever forget your wedding anniversary? Your spouse’s/partner’s birthday? Perhaps forgetting the anniversary on which you started blogging isn’t quite the same, but after six years and thousands of posts, I felt like a total dolt when I realized today that July 10th (not today, the 12th) was sustainablog’s “birthday.” That’s right: six years (and two […] More

  • Earth Day Round-Up (the Non-Toxic Kind)

    Even after doing this for years, I still get a little flustered with the requisite Earth Day post. No, it’s not a matter of saying “Screw Earth Day” (though I get that…); rather, it’s a recognition that there’s so much content out there that I’m unsure what I can add.  So, rather than taking a […] More

  • Are You In ‘The Gort Cloud’? A Book Review

    (click to expand) The Gort Cloud: The Invisible Force Powering Today’s Most Visible Green Brands by Richard Seireeni with Scott Fields 240 pp. Chelsea Green It is like what Van Jones called the “invisible network of networks.” Everyone who is in it (and some who stand outside it) know it is there, but they just […] More

  • Carnival of the Green #148

    Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We’re so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside! — Emerson, Lake and Palmer, “Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression, Part 2” Welcome back to the Carnival of the Green, the weekly showcase of all things good and green around the blogosphere!  And welcome […] More