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  • Manure-to-Biogas at Dairy Farms Gets EPA and USDA Boost

    The Energy Department’s methane biogas program has been chugging away in relatively obscurity for several years, and now that’s all about to change. The agency has just teamed up with EPA and the Department of Agriculture to announce a new initiative for ramping up manure-to-biogas at dairy farms and other farming operations, called the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap.

  • Driving on French Fry Grease or Plugging In?

    Our Guest Green Diva Co-Host, Regan Caton, talked about her new job with a local biodielsel company. Green Dude Scotty started an ongoing dialog about world population and the many implications on growth. World population is estimated to be over 9 billion by 2050!

  • Give Your Truck a Caffeine Jolt: Spent Coffee Grounds as a Biodiesel

    The world produces an insane amount of coffee each year, somewhere around 16 billion pounds.  The grounds are soaked in water, that’s the end of their life.  They are not really consumed, only used for a small fraction of their delightful oils and stimulating phytochemicals (read: caffeine).  If the grounds are lucky, maybe they end […] More

  • From Conventional Walnut Farming to Growing (and Processing) Green

    This is a guest post by NRDC Growing Green Award-winner Russ Lester. Lester won $10,000 for his leading energy efficiency techniques—converting waste walnut shells into energy—and organic walnut growing methods. Farming is in my roots. I was born and raised in the Valley of the Hearts Delight, or as most people now refer to it: […] More

  • Biochar: Improve Soil and Reduce Global Warming

    [social_buttons] In addition to supplementing the soil with sea minerals, Claverach Farm and Vineyard also adds biochar. Biochar is basically charcoal, but instead of being used for fuel, it’s used for capturing and storing carbon in the soil. Because biochar can sequester carbon in the soil for thousands of years, it might be able to […] More

  • Rehabilitating The Concept of Bio-Fuels: Part One

    [social_buttons] In 2006 I attended a BIO meeting in Toronto focused on the new bio-based economy.  Oil had just risen to $70/barrel and it was a time when environmental NGOs, biotech companies and even oil companies seemed to be on the “same page” in terms of their enthusiasm for moving to plant-based feedstocks as the […] More

  • Climate Change and Deforestation Engaging in Vicious Cycle of Destruction

    [social_buttons]Most of you know by now that deforestation, and the emissions that cleared forestlands add to the atmosphere, exacerbates climate change. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the opposite is true. New scientific findings suggest that climate change is threatening remaining forests more dramatically than previously suspected. Until recently, climate scientists […] More

  • Westward Ho! Hong Kong Tycoon to Invest in Africa-based Biofuels

    Hong Kong magnate Stanley Ho is at it again. Not formulating a “Ho Plan” for Hong Kong energy security that centers around wind power, as the growing similarities between him and T. Boone Pickens might suggest. Stanley Ho’s investment du jour, while on par with his recently established eco-trend, will not be in Asia. Rather, […] More

  • Japanese Researchers Turn Cow Dung Into Fuel; Say Can Use Human Waste, Too

    Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Professor Junichi Takahashi and the Sumitomo Corporation research group (both in Japan) have jointly developed technology to produce hydrogen from cattle dung and urine for use in fuel cells. They say the same can be done with human waste. The researchers say the process allows for the production […] More

  • City to Pipe Biogas from Farms to Power Recycling Plant

    After years of debate and planning, the St. Paul, MN city council has voted unanimously to move forward with a unique plan to produce biogas from manure and ethanol waste in rural farms and pump it miles to power an enormous paper recycling plant. The energy-efficiency of recycling paper is not the best, so this […] More

  • EPA Uses Google Earth-based Interactive Database to Spot Energy Opportunities

    The Environmental Protection Agency has released an interactive Google Earth-based database which pinpoints energy development opportunities on contaminated properties. According to Biofuels Digest, the EPA’s site shows opportunities for solar, wind and biomass benefits, by combining Google Earth visuals with the database list of places that show promise for progress. The “Renewable Energy on Contaminated […] More

  • In Praise of Poop 3: San Antonio Harnesses Power from Sewage Methane

    For this the third entry in the annals of excellent excrement (after cow and E. coli poop), we will have to travel deep down into the heart of Texas…and then even farther down into the sewers of San Antonio. So don your rubber body suit, gas mask, and sense of humor, for sewage is no […] More

  • In Praise of Poop 2: E. coli Waste as a New Form of Biofuel

    Now that we have picked apart the many hidden wonders of cow manure, we may safely examine yet another, more recent entry in the annals of excellent excrement: E. coli. Believe it or not, E. coli may actually be useful for something other than infecting spinach or beef, giving you a serious case of diarrhea, […] More

  • Recovering Iowa, and Looking Ahead

    I’ve not posted much yet on the Iowa floods. I think, perhaps, I was holding my breath, waiting to exhale. The exhale is likely to come out more like a long sigh. While the floods have peaked, Iowans are now dealing with the aftermath. Many of the 36,000-plus who were evacuated have still not returned […] More

  • Say What? President Bush Encourages Americans to Eat Local

    Headlines from today’s White House press conference included a quote from President Bush encouraging Americans to eat local. It caught me a bit off guard. Putting the comment back into context, however, there are a few problems with the logic of this suggestion, and not just that he, Bush, was the creator of the “eat […] More