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  • What Does Driving Green Really Mean?

    What does it mean to drive greener? In honor of our featured guest, John Voelcker, Sr. Editor of, we did a poll on our facebook page this week about what folks thought was the greenest type of car available now: Electric, Hybrid, Biodiesel, or High-Mileage/Fuel-Efficient Gas Cars? Take the poll here, then listen to the show and get John’s take on it More

  • Driving on French Fry Grease or Plugging In?

    Our Guest Green Diva Co-Host, Regan Caton, talked about her new job with a local biodielsel company. Green Dude Scotty started an ongoing dialog about world population and the many implications on growth. World population is estimated to be over 9 billion by 2050!

  • Give Your Truck a Caffeine Jolt: Spent Coffee Grounds as a Biodiesel

    The world produces an insane amount of coffee each year, somewhere around 16 billion pounds.ย  The grounds are soaked in water, thatโ€™s the end of their life.ย  They are not really consumed, only used for a small fraction of their delightful oils and stimulating phytochemicals (read: caffeine).ย  If the grounds are lucky, maybe they end […] More

  • Gator Glyss: Natural Soap Funds Biodiesel Production

    Like many schools, the University of Florida has developed a number of programs and efforts to produce and promote renewable energy. Mechanical and aerospace engineering major Eric Layton saw an opportunity to learn in a proposed biodiesel plant, and threw himself into the project whole-heartedly: according to the Gainesville Sun, “He helped build and maintain […] More

  • Hotel Metro in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Green, Hip and Central

    Iโ€™m coming to the conclusion pretty fast that just about every hotel will eventually be walking the talk when it comes to going green โ€“ though some are walking slowly while others are galloping as if there isnโ€™t a minute to waste. While ecotourism continues to grow internationally, more American companies are grasping that going […] More

  • An Interview with Josh Tickell About His New Film, Fuel

    When I first met Josh Tickell a few years ago, he was a blonde-haired, baby-faced, young man driving around the country in a diesel van painted with yellow sunflowers that he was running on used fast food vegetable oil. He called it the Veggie Van and he was an unabashed biofuel evangelist. I asked Josh […] More

  • In Praise of Poop 2: E. coli Waste as a New Form of Biofuel

    Now that we have picked apart the many hidden wonders of cow manure, we may safely examine yet another, more recent entry in the annals of excellent excrement: E. coli. Believe it or not, E. coli may actually be useful for something other than infecting spinach or beef, giving you a serious case of diarrhea, […] More

  • DIY Solar Generator

    Cyndy at mousemusings points out a web site with instructions on how to make a small solar power generator “for $250 to $300.” I’m interested in what some of you with some electronics know-how think — would this solar diy project work as a reliable means of producing power in small amounts, or is it […] More