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  • Cargo Bike Sharing Platform Goes Online in Germany

    Cargo bikes are useful for all sorts of things. But for those trips which don’t require cargo capacity (most of them), do you really want to lug around that extra equipment? And if you’re only going to use it for some trips, do you really want to shell out the extra bucks for a cargo bike? More

  • Bike Share Programs Can Now Monetize Carbon Credits

    Editor’s note: I was all set to write a post about CityRyde‘s Inspire software, which gives bike sharing programs and businesses another way to generate revenue: measure, and then sell, carbon credits generated from their bicycles. But since I was a bit behind on the story, I thought I’d check to see what other sites […] More

  • Sharing Economy 101: Four Degrees of Sharing

    Janelle Orsi shares four ways people are taking sharing to new levels, ranging from relatively simple applications of sharing to community-wide sharing initiatives — and beyond. More

  • New Technology Turns Bike Rides Into Cash

    Getting your cash-strapped local government to spring for the infrastructure and maintenance of a bike-sharing program can be difficult. Unless you’ve got a compelling way to make money with it. More