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  • Farmer’s Market Fare: Late Summer Mix (recipes)

    I finally live in a town that has a farmer’s market – not that I lived so far from it before we moved a whole mile and a half to the new place, but there is something about being able to walk out the door with a couple of bags and walk down to the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning that is particularly awesome. More

  • Eating Vegan in Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas is a vegan food mecca! The real problem here is choosing which amazing vegan food to eat when you’re just passing through! More

  • Monsanto GM Sugar Beets (and Alfalfa) Approval: Why This is Bad News

    We have a great post going up tomorrow morning on the USDA’s recent approval of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) — “genetically engineered” (“GE”) if you live in Europe — sugar beets and GM alfalfa from Ken Roseboro, editor of The Organic & Non-GMO Report. It will cover health concerns (based on scientific studies), environmental concerns, legal concerns, considerable threats to organic farmers and consumers, and the USDA’s decision to ignore public concerns and comments from hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens. But I wanted to chime in on this with a few comments of my own. More

  • 5 Winter Vegetable Recipes

    Halloween isn’t even here yet and I’m already thinking about the winter vegetables that I can’t wait to cook up. Something about these hearty vegetables makes me want to stay indoors, make copious amounts of delicious food, and enjoy the winter season. Here are 5 winter vegetable recipes to keep you satiated through the long winter months ahead. More

  • In Season Now: Beets and Carrots

    Although you might normally think of root vegetables as fall crops, many varieties are  also available in the late spring. Beets and carrots, for instance, grow well in the cooler temperatures of spring. These cool-weather crops are typically planted in the early spring for a late spring/early summer harvest and again in the late summer […] More

  • Alkaline Eating for Better Body Chemistry, PH Levels, and Overall Health

    Going to a body and nutrition expert with my husband is one of the best things we’ve done for ourselves. What was the key take away? Warning! Turn Alkaline! Turn Alkaline? Are we magicians? Well according to biochemists we are! You can change your body chemistry with what you eat! Chemicals have seeped into foods, […] More

  • Natural Energy Drink — “Purple Bull”

    [social_buttons] Think red bull has it going? Try “purple bull” (i.e. beet juice). Nothing compares to the greater physical endurance beet juice can give you. Beet juice increases endurance and can help to extend time of excercise by as much as 16%, a new study says. More

  • Obama’s Administration Refuses to Halt Production of Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Roundup-Ready Sugar Beets

    Recent data showing sugar’s rising popularity over high fructose corn syrup is good news, right?  Not if that sugar is genetically-modified.  In fact, if you’ve purchased beet sugar recently, there’s a very good chance that you’ve unintentionally consumed a genetically-modified product. Industry statistics show that more than half of the sugar beets grown in the […] More

  • Seasonal Foods: 5 Best Winter Vegetables

    Winter veggies usually get short shrift, but there are many reasons to savor them. They add loads of vitamins and nutrients to our diets, do wonders for our immunity, and are wonderfully versatile. Plus, eating seasonally is eating green: as it takes us back to the old days of eating only the freshest available products, […] More

  • A Fresh Veggie Burger Twist: Got Beets?

    The first year we grew beets on our farm, it was on a serendipitous whim because neither me nor my husband had ever cooked with beets. As serendipitous gardening fate would have it, we pulled out a bumper beet crop that fall — quickly necessitating research in what to do with them. Which led us […] More

  • Lovin’ Fresh: Spicy Sauteed Beets Recipe

    Lovin’ Fresh is a series of recipes designed to showcase produce gathered from local farms or grown in my own garden.   With the rising costs of food (and everything else to boot), I’m sure I’m not the only one who has vowed to be more frugal with menus by using up what’s already in the fridge before heading to […] More

  • Lovin’ Fresh: Beet Salad with Orange & Fennel

    Lovin’ Fresh is a series of recipes designed to showcase produce gathered from local farms or grown in my own garden.   I love eating with my eyes first.  I know many a foodie has said that before, but the look of a dish can often mean more to me than the taste.  Lucky for everyone, this […] More

  • Vegan Mint Chocolate Cake (With a Surprise Ingredient)

    Does anyone really need an excuse to bake a chocolate cake? I know I don’t. But it happened that I had a couple of ingredients at home that I was looking to use up. I was excited to discover a great recipe I could adapt to fit the bill. I have an abundance of fresh […] More

  • The Weekend Raw: Early Spring Sunshine Salad

    Now that the weather is warming up and produce is coming into season up here in zone 5, I am trying to be more conscientious about eating a raw diet. While I don’t think I have the patience and stamina (or the gadgets) to go completely raw, I am trying to incorporate more raw elements […] More