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  • Five Recycled & Natural Flooring Materials

    When remodeling a home, you want a floor that is durable, livable and will light a room with its beauty. Sustainable options that are made from material that might have otherwise gone to waste are a great choice. More

  • Eating Green, Eco-Building & Earth-Friendly Underwear

    We managed to squeeze in a great interview with Debra Secunda, the Eat Green Girl about being vegan and the Green City Challenge in NY that we were both involved with. GD Meg and Debra sat on a panel about eating healthy and green in Union Square this past Sunday. More

  • Can Bamboo Save Haiti?

    Crowdfunding sites are becoming some of my favorite spots online to hit when I’m looking for unique stories. A browse through Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Greenfunder (which I just discovered today) brings up all sorts of innovative projects aimed at implementing sustainable practices in many different forms. Today, the concept I came across was growing bamboo […] More

  • Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (7/9/10)

    While the Gulf oil spill still dominates the green blog space, Regator‘s trends show that we may be broadening out into some of the discussions needed to head off such disasters: climate legislation and global warming are well up in the rankings. Rankings and trends aren’t everything, though… an awful lot of cool stuff out […] More

  • Chinese Bamboo Keyboard Manufacturer a Local Green Design Leader

    Jiangqiao Bamboo and Wood hails from China’s Jiangxi province, where bamboo resources are plentiful. Though the company began as a flooring company, they are now diversifying their production to include the latest in green design: bamboo keyboards. In recent years, bamboo – a rapidly regenerating material – has gained popularity as a sturdy, sustainable alternative […] More