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  • How Safe Will The New Diet Pepsi Be?

    The Wall Street Journal reported today that PepsiCo is testing new artificial sweetener formulas for Diet Pepsi, including the controversial acesulfame. More

  • Kool Aid Marketing Aspartame to Moms and Kids

    While watching TV the other day, I ran across a commercial for a new Kool Aid variety aimed at moms. The premise was basically that these Kool Aid Fun Fizz drops are fun for kids and healthier than soda, clocking in at just 5 calories per glass. A bright red, flavored drink that’s 5 calories? […] More

  • Are Artificial Sweeteners Making Us Fat?

    Confession: In college, I was a complete Diet Coke head. There was always at least one case of the stuff in my refrigerator, and I usually kept an assortment of other diet sodas. I had no idea at the time that aspertame and other artificial sweeteners were so terrible for my body, and it was […] More

  • Can Diet Coke Kill You? Part 2

    Due to the great popularity of “Can Diet Coke Kill You?” combined with a lot of controversy over it, I have decided to write this follow-up post. Most of the controversy over the last article was around the fact that the documentary I referenced cited data from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) but that organization […] More

  • Can Diet Coke Kill You?

    According to a UK documentary, “Sweet Misery,” the National Cancer Institute identified a significant and impressive increase in brain cancer starting in about 1984. Why did brain cancer shoot up? It looks like it is because of articial sweeteners such as those found in diet drinks and food! More