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  • FDA Wants Comments on Artificial Sweeteners in Milk

      A few weeks ago I posted on how the dairy industry wants to be able to put aspartame in milk without labeling it. Now is your chance to let the FDA know how you feel about it. As I mentioned in my original post, the FDA issued a notice to request comments, data, and […] More

  • Dairy Industry Wants to Put Aspartame in Milk

    Dairy industry groups have asked the Food and Drug Administration to be able to put artificial sweeteners in milk, and not change the front labeling. The justification: The changes “would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products.” Ugh. According to Courthouse News Service, The International Dairy […] More

  • Why MINUTE MAID Won’t Admit Its Fruit Punch Contains Artificial Sweetener

    Does MINUTE MAID Premium Fruit Punch contain the artificial sweetener sucralose? It seems impossible to know.  As a member of the Feingold Program (also known as the Feingold Diet) I receive periodic alerts about common food products have changed formulations and have added or removed additives. So, it was just a standard alert email notifying me that MINUTE […] More

  • How Safe Will The New Diet Pepsi Be?

    The Wall Street Journal reported today that PepsiCo is testing new artificial sweetener formulas for Diet Pepsi, including the controversial acesulfame. More

  • Diet Soda Causes Strokes! Or Not

    A press release last week indicated that diet soda drinkers had a 61% higher risk of stroke than people who didn’t drink soda (regular or diet) at all. Is that really likely? More

  • Are Artificial Sweeteners Making Us Fat?

    Confession: In college, I was a complete Diet Coke head. There was always at least one case of the stuff in my refrigerator, and I usually kept an assortment of other diet sodas. I had no idea at the time that aspertame and other artificial sweeteners were so terrible for my body, and it was […] More

  • Can Diet Coke Kill You?

    According to a UK documentary, “Sweet Misery,” the National Cancer Institute identified a significant and impressive increase in brain cancer starting in about 1984. Why did brain cancer shoot up? It looks like it is because of articial sweeteners such as those found in diet drinks and food! More

  • Not So Sweet Surprise-How Much Sugar is Really in What You Eat?

    Just in case you were thinking about indulging in some sweet treats today, I would like to offer you the option to take the healthier road. Sometimes it can take a visual aid to open your eyes and force you to take a cold hard look at what you are actually putting in your body […] More