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  • Art From Scrap: Ptolemy Elrington’s Hubcap Creatures

    Ptolemy Elrington makes sculptures from scrap material and runaway hubcaps. He lives in the British seaside town of Brighton, and has been crafting his Hubcap Creatures for twelve years. In this time Ptolemy has built a name for himself, and now there is enough demand for his work that he’s able to do it full-time. He is known for his animals, particularly fish, but can make just about anything, and sells to all kinds of people. More

  • The Artist, the Cook and the Gardener – Book Review

    The Artist, the Cook, and the Gardener: Recipes Inspired by Painting from the Garden by Maryjo Koch is a gorgeous cookbook. This contemplative book filled with beautiful language, art, photography, and, of course, delicious recipes is perfect for a spring-themed gift or for placing on your own coffee table. More

  • Turn that Old Car into a Work of Art

    Old cars can be a veritable fire hose of pollutants. From leaking fluids to rusting metal, junk cars harm your lawn, your neighborhood, and the environment. There are more than enough reasons to get that car off your lot and into the hands of a responsible recycler. Junk that car, sell it, or even find […] More

  • Rainwater Harvesting as an Art Form

    Think the barrels normally used for rainwater harvesting are ugly? You’re not alone: that’s the response University of Akron art education professor Elisa Gargarella heard from friends in response to her own home rain barrel. Rather than put the barrel away, though, Gargarella found inspiration in her friends’ distaste: if people find them ugly, why […] More

  • New Sundance Channel Blog Features a Heaping Helping of Green

    Looking for information on solar panels, organic vegetables, or endangered species? You go to one of your favorite green blogs, right? But if you’re looking for a film review, or a preview of an art exhibit, or information on pending education legislation, you head to a different blogosphere… unless it’s eco-focused, you won’t find those […] More