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  • As Sea Ice Shrinks, Arctic Shipping Options Expand

    By Janet Larsen and Emily E. Adams On October 7, 2013, the Nordic Orion bulk carrier ship completed its journey from Vancouver, Canada, to Pori, Finland, having traveled northward around Alaska and through the Northwest Passage. It was the first large commercial freighter ever to make the voyage through these typically ice-covered Arctic waters. Avoiding […] More

  • Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Lowest Recorded Level

    Arctic sea ice shrank to its lowest recorded level in the more than thirty years of satellite images. This visualization from NASA shows the extent of the sea ice on 26 August 2012. The yellow line shows the average minimum level of the sea ice for the years 1979-2010. More

  • Watching Ice Melt is Exciting

    A massive summer storm settled over the Arctic and melted a lot of the ice just with the wind and the pressures caused by the storm. Not all the ice is gone, but it’s noticeable in the satellite images, just over the last week. More

  • Alaska's Coast Melting Faster than Ever

    A recent study shows that Alaska’s coast is melting faster than ever, and that along with the melting ice, more and more of the land is eroding into the ocean as well. The causes of the erosion also seem to be changing — in the past it was largely due to storms but that is […] More

  • Environmental Defense Fund: Global Warming by the Numbers – 13 Scary Facts

    Friday the 13th just got a little scarier. Here are 13 facts about the realities of global warming. The numbers speak for themselves — we must make 2009 the showdown year for global warming action. There is no time to lose. 35% Increase in the global carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels […] More