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    5 Ways to Save Energy in the Kitchen

    When you think about the kitchen you probably imagine putting together tasty meals, sitting around the kitchen table, or maybe fixing a hot cup of tea or coffee. The kitchen is all about food and family, but did you know that the kitchen also uses about half of the energy in your home? More

  • 500-Mile Kitchen Project: Appliances

    This is the third week of the 500-mile kitchen project in which I try to renovate a kitchen from materials and goods manufactured within 500-miles. More

  • You Can Make Your Home Greener with Energy Efficient Appliances

    Time for a makeover? Make sure energy-efficient appliances are a part of the plan Does it bother you that you think your carbon footprint is too big? At the same time, are you paying more than you’d like for your utility bills? Well, fortunately, there’s an easy solution to both problems. Go green! One of […] More

  • Smarten Up: Reduce Your "Phantom" Power Use

    Did you know your TV uses electricity, even when turned off? So does your iHome, coffee maker, microwave oven, hair-dryer, clock radio, and other electronics. Yes, even chargers for cell phones and laptops suck energy when plugged in—even if they are not charging anything! Surprised? Well I certainly was when I learned this and ever […] More

  • Green Talk Radio: Energy Efficient Products with ENERGY STAR

    Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas‘ Editor-In-Chief, talks about efficient ENERGY STAR products and the Change a Light Campaign with Wendy Reed, Campaign Manager for ENERGY STAR. [Courtesy of our friends at] Click Play Below,or Energy Efficient Products with ENERGY STAR More

  • Low Impact Living: Five Eco-Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Rebate

    Editor’s note: Hopefully, a tax rebate or economic stimulus check is in the mail for you. Our friends at Low Impact Living have some ideas on ways to invest that money in your home… and the environment. This post was originally published on Monday, May 12, 2008 We know that many of us will need […] More