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  • BuyPartisan App Helps You Vote with Your Wallet

    We talk a lot about voting with your wallet, but sometimes it’s hard to know where your food dollars are really going. Even when you try to support smaller brands, you never know whether they’ve just sold to a large corporation that you don’t want taking your money. More

  • A Grocery App to Streamline Your Shopping

    One of the most useful apps on my phone is a free grocery app called Grocery IQ. As a person who visits the grocery store often, it’s very handy to have my lists all in one place on a device that I always have with me. I can add to it no matter where I am and just pull it out whenever I’m at the store. More

  • Repurpose Your Used Smartphone into a Home Energy Monitor/Remote Control

    Got an old smartphone or tablet laying around? Probably: we Americans tend to upgrade such devices every couple of years (and, of course, the big carriers would like us to do it even more often). If you’re like me, you’re planning to recycle that device… but finding a way to reuse it would ultimately be […] More

  • GMO Labeling Takes Next Logical Step: There’s an App for That

    We cover the fights over consumers’ right to know (GMO labeling laws) quite a bit, here at Eat Drink Better. I live in Hawaii, where one of the most contentious battles is currently raging over proposed Bill 2491. GMO companies headquartered in Michigan, Iowa, and elsewhere have made Kauai ground zero not for growing GMO […] More

  • Need Upcycling Ideas on the Go? There's an App for That…

    Cleaning out a closet, or basement, or other space in your home, and just hate to send all of that potentially useful material to the landfill? Sean McKenna and Jenelle Montilone’s Create Change app will show you how to upcycle that “junk” into useful items. More

  • Sweet iPhone App for Vegetarians [VIDEO]

    Great new iPhone app can help you to avoid non-vegetarian ingredients. [social_buttons] For numerous vegetarians and vegans, it is great when a company’s food labels specifically say “contains no animal products” or “contains animal products” — this can save us a bit of time and also, perhaps more importantly, helps us to rest assured that […] More

  • New Facebook App Provides Good Green Reason to Screw Around at Work

    Need another reason to spend time on Facebook? Or, just getting tired of Mafia Wars, Kidnap!, or even Willy’s Sweet Shop? Today, Timberland and changents officially launch yet another excuse for playing on FB rather than getting your work done: Earthkeepers Hero: Mission Possible. I’ve played around with the app for a couple of days […] More