SunMod: Power Any AA or AAA Device With This Solar Hack

SunMod solar power hack

Keeping your tech alive in an emergent situation could be the difference between life and death when there are new developments happening rapidly. We’ve covered some of the ways you can keep your cell phones alive before, but what about radios, walkie-talkies, or medical equipment that runs on disposable batteries? That’s where the SunMod kit comes in.

The SunMod kit includes a 4.8V flexible solar cell with pre-soldered metal connectors, can take any device powered by AA or AAA batteries and turn it into one that uses the sun’s rays for juice. You can read more about the SunMod- available for less than $20– in this article, originally written by Derek Markham from our sister site, Ecopreneurist. Enjoy!


Solar Hacking Kit Makes any AA or AAA Device Solar Powered (via Ecopreneurist)

While there are a number of solar chargers and solar gadgets already on the market, sometimes you just want to convert a device to be solar powered. But unless you’ve got some technical skills and know exactly what materials you’ll need, turning…

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