Stop The Water While Using Me!

When I used to guide backpacking trips, I worked with a guy who pointed out to our group every morning and every night that they had just brushed their teeth without running water. His point was that they should turn the water off when they brushed their teeth at home. It’s a simple enough idea that saves a lot of water over time, if everyone does it. And now there is a brand of bathroom products that puts that message on the bottle and the tube. The “Stop the Water While Using Me!” Shop is a website that sells just 3 products- shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste- that each have the simple “Stop the Water While Using Me!” message in place of a logo.

Image Credit: Stop…While Using Me store Nothing like being direct about how to save water.
Nothing like being direct about how to save water.

They get a little sassy about it and have some fun. Instead of an “About” page, they have a “Bla Bla and Other Stuff” page where they explain the “Why?” behind their products:

“Why leave the water running when you brush your teeth? Why not think about how use water when you’re in the hotel? Why buy a 3 litre car, but waste water?

We thought about water. And how we consume it every day. We came up with products that treat our natural resources responsibly through the ingredients they use, the way they are packaged and their manufacturing. They encourage people openly to save water when using the products.”

I love the idea of taking an explicit message and putting it on the product itself. It’s hard to change habits that involve letting the water run, so why not put the reminder right there on the product? This kind of directness could go a long way in earth-friendly products across the retail spectrum.

Based in Germany, you can get in touch with them directly at: or order their products from the website.

Written by Scott James

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