Solar Farm Planned to Reinvigorate Tiny Gila Bend, Arizona

Gila Bend: 1700 friendly people and, coming soon, a huge solar farm...
Gila Bend: 1700 friendly people and, coming soon, a huge solar farm…

Gila Bend, Arizona, once a quaint town of about 10,000 people, lost its appeal after an Air Force auxiliary field caused the land and nearby reservoir to fall victim to toxic pesticides.

Fortunately, the meager population that remains will soon see an influx of jobs and revenue—all thanks to plenty of sunshine and a new citywide dedication to solar power.

In order to take advantage of the 300+ days of sunshine each year, the town’s planning and economic development committee have decided to give the Abengoa Solar Project, one of the biggest solar plants in the country, the go-ahead to set up shop.

SOLON Corporation will also be building an 18-megawatt photovoltaic solar panel farm that will be used by Arizona Public Service. All in all, they expect to create enough energy to power a whopping 626,000 homes.

In addition to having the natural resources necessary to make such an undertaking possible, Gila Bend has also been known for its quick project approval process. In fact, the SOLON project was approved in an impressive three months—a good indication that this once small town will soon be booming with business.

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