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by Emanuel Storch, operations and marketing coordinator at Simply Gum

Did you know that your chewing gum likely contains plastic? But you don’t need plastic to make delicious gum! Learn more about how gum is made, and enter to win an assorted prize pack of simply gum!

Did you know that your chewing gum likely contains plastic? But you don't need plastic to make delicious gum!

There is evidence that chewing gum existed throughout several ancient cultures, all in some form of tree sap. It was not until the invention of plastic in the 20th century that chewing gum manufacturing diverged from its natural form and was then produced using synthetic ingredients, artificial sweeteners and colors.

Chicle, a tree sap from Central America, was once a common gum base, but the ingredient has since disappeared from the backs of our beloved packs. The term gum base, now found on the ingredient list of conventional gum brands, is an FDA-approved term that hides up to 80 synthetic ingredients.

Did you know that your chewing gum likely contains plastic? But you don't need plastic to make delicious gum!

But, as with many food products, the gum industry has a couple of brands that are going back to the original recipe and process. This is the result of consumer trends which demand natural, premium products.  And all types of retailers are taking notice. Simply Gum is a natural chewing gum company based in New York City that uses chicle as its gum base and just a few other simple and natural ingredients to make its gum.

Chicle is a wild-harvested tree sap, meaning it grows naturally and is cultivated without harming the tree. But there’s an added benefit to using chicle: when huge corporations started to shift to using plastic in their products, the chicle industry and its farmers were left high and dry. Simply Gum is proud that it is able to provide chicle farmers with jobs and help revive the floundering business.

Natural chewing gums are also biodegradable and don’t contribute to the thousands of tons of plastic waste that the big gum brands produce each year. You know all those black splotches on the sidewalk? Those are usually pieces of chewing gum that sit there for eternity because the plastic components can’t dissolve or be washed away by rain. Since chicle is plant-based, it breaks down overtime, doesn’t cause more waste, and leaves our sidewalks nice and clean.

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