Roomoon Tree Tent Gets Campers Off the Ground

Handcrafted with durable steel and waterproof canvas, the Roomoon hanging tent gets campers off the ground and into the scenery - safe from snakes and bugs.
roomoon tree tent
Photo Courtesy Of Hanging Tent Company

Tree tents have quite a few advantages over both conventional tree houses, being significantly lighter, easier to put up, and portable. They have a few advantages over traditional tents, as well – most notably that they get you off the ground and away from snakes and bugs.

Handcrafted by design and technology graduate Rufus Martin of the Hanging Tent Company, the tree tent you see here is called the Roomoon. A design project that became a full-time job, the Roomoon is a one room tent that looks kind of like a small moon against the night sky (get it?), and offers its users a camping experience that’s hard to come by on the ground.

Structurally, the Roomoon features strong and durable stainless steel frame that’s held rigid with push pins. Once collapsed, the tent folds down into a car-friendly package that allows for easy transport wherever you need to camp. A handmade canvas cover protects the inhabitants from rain and snow, and has zippered openings that allow the Roomoon to become a cozy vantage point to watch the days roll by.

It might not be the most secure and defensible tree house or shiver shack you’ll be able to get your hands on post-apocalypse, but it’s probably one of the prettiest that’ll fit in your trunk. You can see more of the round tree tent, below. Enjoy!

Hanging Tent Company Roomoon

Photo Courtesy Of Hanging Tent Company
Photo Courtesy Of Hanging Tent Company
Photo Courtesy Of Hanging Tent Company

Source | More Photos: Hanging Tent Company, via Treehugger.

Written by Jo BorrΓ‘s

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