The Relatively Simple DIY Bike Trailer [Video]

diy bike trailer

I’ve been thinking a lot about bike trailers lately… namely, if I had one, I’d probably use my bike a lot more. If I’ve got places to go that only require my presence, a bike’s a great transportation option; if I need to carry more than I can fit in a messenger bag, though, it becomes much more difficult.

So, as I often do, I thought “Hey, I’ll see what’s out there in terms of ideas for DIY bike trailers… and maybe turn it into a post.” I did dig around, but, unlike some of the other project collections I’ve put together, many plans for bicycle trailers and carts require a fairly high level of skill (welding, anyone). And, truthfully, after a quick look through products available on Google, I also realized that such products aren’t that expensive – if you’re not a hardcore DIYer, you may just want to go shopping.

But this plan from DIY struck me as do-able for someone with relatively limited building skills (that’s me!), and the creator made use of leftover plywood and other materials.  That’s all right up our alley… so if you’re interested, sit back and take a look:

Of course, if you’ve got skills in metal work and such, by all means, check out these other plans I found:

If you build any of these, let us know (and share pictures!).

Image source: Screen capture from “Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb capacity”

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