Red Deer River Oil Spill

Red Deer River before the oil spill

About 125,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Red Deer River after a pipeline broke in Jackson Creek. The oil coated the banks of Jackson Creek and the Red Deer River for more than sixteen miles before reaching the Gleniffer Reservoir, where it is being contained with multiple booms.

Residents and visitors are cautioned to stay away from the water.

The Gleniffer Reservoir provides drinking water for Red Deer and many other communities downstream from the oil spill. Plains Midstream Canada trucked in drinking water for those towns.

Resorts and camping areas along the river and lake are closed for an indefinite period. Tourism in the area will take a hit just as the summer season is starting.

Plains Midstream Canada was responsible for a pipeline break in northwestern Alberta in April 2011 where more than a million gallons of oil spilled. Cleanup efforts are nearly complete for that spill.

Red Deer River photo jasonwoodhead23/Creative Commons

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Author: Heather Carr

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