Pure: A Solar-Powered Water Purifier That Looks Like a Small Animal

It resembles a pet or a small garden pest more than anything else, but the “Pure” system, created by industrial designer Emilian Dan Cartis, is actually a solar-powered water purifier. The system requires almost no upkeep–just put it outside and watch as the device gathers rainwater (or sea water) and turns into potable water suitable for human consumption.


Inspired by the shape of a leaf, Cartis’s Pure device was an Exhibition Finalist at the BraunPrize International Design Awards in 2003. No word on when (or if) Pure will hit store shelves, but other solar-powered water purifiers are already in the works, including the Solvatten system and Aqua Sun International’s portable water purifiers.


[Via EcoFriend]

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Author: Ariel Schwartz


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