Protect Your Groundwater

Protect Your Groundwater Day only happens once a year, but it’s important to understand how we impact groundwater all year long. According to the National Groundwater Association, 99 percent of available freshwater is taken from aquifers. So whatever we put in the groundwater is what we end up drinking and bathing in.

Polluted water must be treated before use. Putting fewer pollutants into the water in the first place reduces the cost of cleaning the water. While pollution can occur naturally, by microorganisms, radium, radon, uranium, and heavy metals, simply changing our behavior can prevent a great deal of groundwater contamination.

The National Groundwater Association offers the handy acronym ACT to help remember what we can all do to protect our groundwater.

ACT stands for Acknowledge, Consider, Take Action for Your Groundwater


  • Know which hazardous substances are in use in your household and keep them from going down the drain, of possible.
  • Conserve water.

Consider which apply to you

Take action

  • Store hazardous substances properly.
  • Dispose of hazardous substances properly.
  • Simple water conservation strategies can reduce household water use significantly.

Polluted water photo via Shutterstock

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Author: Heather Carr

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