Polaris Uses Airless Tires to Keep You Moving On (w/ video)

Polaris Airless Tires

Movement is life, if the writers of World War Z are to be believed. If you can keep moving, you can find what you need to stay ahead of the trouble, and stay alive. That’s just as true in the case of a zombie apocalypse or a run-of-the-mill food riot, and few things are as mobile as a big-bore Polaris MV850. Similarly, few things are as useless as a big-bore ATV with a flat tire. To keep you, and their MV850 ATV moving whenever and wherever, Polaris has fitted its MV850 with “TerrainArmor” airless tires.

Polaris is rolling the tires out as part of a joint project with the US military to keep the mobile infantry mobile in urban environments that are notoriously tough on ATV tires. Civilian versions will be available a few months down the line.

You can read more about the new TerrainArmor-equipped Polaris MV850 in the article, below, which originally appeared on Insteading’s sister site, Gas 2. Enjoy!

In the Army Now: Airless Tires Hit the Battlefield (w/ video)

America’s modern military is fast, nimble, and – most of all! – mobile. A big part of that mobility comes courtesy of go-anywhere vehicles like the Hummer and the upcoming ULV diesel-electric hybrid, but a flat tire can quickly bring forward progress to a halt. To keep the US military mobile, Polaris has fitted non-pneumatic, airless tires to its MV850 ATV – standard issue to a number of soldiers in the US Special Forces.

The airless tires seen here on the Polaris MV850 can reportedly take a bullet without failing, with at least one prototype covering more than 1000 off-road miles after being punctured by a railroad spike. With a full combat load, including rider and gear, the tires are expected to have a 5000-mile, low-maintenance service life.

For military use (in desert camo, in other words), these airless tires look like this …

airless tires
Photo Courtesy of Gas2

… and, according to a report on Fox “News” last week, a Polaris representative insists that the airless tires will be available on the civilian model of the Polaris MV850 in about six months’ time, with additional Polaris models (including side-by-side ATVs) following some time later.

You can see a Polaris MV850 fitted with the flat-proof “TerrainArmor” airless tires in action in the Fox Car Report video, below. Enjoy!

Source | Photos: Fox News, via Motorpasion.

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