Proctor and Gamble's 2 Billion Liters of Safe Drinking Water

This week Proctor & Gamble Company announced that their P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program (P&G CSDW) has distributed 2 billion liters of clean drinking water. P&G CSDW is a not-for-profit founded by P&G with the goal of improving life for children in need by providing clean drinking water in the developing world. It’s a broad and extended corporate social responsibility effort based on their corporate mission to “Live, Learn and Thrive.” The program has been going since 2004, and seems to be expanding its reach, having distributed their 1 billionth liter in April of 2008.

Photo Credit: uncultured P&G CSDW works with 80 partners around the world

P&G CSDW works with 80 partners around the world

“This is a fulfillment of P&G’s purpose as a company, which is to touch and improve lives for now and generations to come. We are helping to save lives. The P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program has provided two billion liters of clean drinking water through a variety of strong partnerships and emergency relief efforts around the world.” – Bob McDonald, CEO, Chairman of the Board, and President

And they’re not done. The P&G CSDW program’s goal is to distribute 4 billion liters by 2012 using PUR water purification packets. These packets are powerful- one packet means 10 liters of clean drinking water. Watching their demo, they take what looks like muddy swamp water and turn it clear and drinkable in half an hour.

It’s encouraging to see a CSR project focus primarily on water, as this is the kind of crisis situation that is set to increase in the coming decades.

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