Ken Anderson: Perspectives From A Long-Time Naturalist

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ken Anderson, a lifelong naturalist. This is a man of vision and wisdom, both which are sorely needed in these short-sighted times we live in. While we wait for the next IPO that enriches few, Mr. Anderson has a vision where we can all be enriched by preserving our two most important resources: the environment and the children we will leave it to.

I’ve made thousands of videos and interviewed many, many people. In my mind this is the most important video I have ever made. Mr. Anderson is one of the good guys in a time when we need good guys. He is well aware of his mortality and hopes that other men will lead a life that tends to give more than take.

Are you that kind of man or woman? I hope so, because the world needs you.

For more information on the hot spring Ken mentions in the video as the best current example of his life’s work in action, check out Pah Tempe Hot Springs.

Image Credit: Dani Vincek/Shutterstock

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Author: Loren Feldman

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