Oregon Makes Commercial Fertilizer from Wastewater

Here in the U.S., we are certainly learning how to make the most of wastewater!

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies (Source: www.cleanwaterservices.org)
Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies (Source: www.cleanwaterservices.org)

A short while ago, NASA developed a technology that enabled clean drinking water to be recycled out of urine. Now, Oregon has opened a commercial facility that incorporates a new technology to recover phosphorus and other nutrients from wastewater, for recycling into environmentally-safe premium-quality commercial fertilizer.

The new technology is located in suburban Portland at Clean Water Services’ Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility (Tigard, OR). Clean Water Services, is a water resource management utility serving more than 500,000 customers in urban Washington County west of Portland. The utility owns and operates the technology in an innovative public/private partnership with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. of Vancouver.

The technology integrates into the treatment system, processes the sludge liquids and recovers phosphorus and other nutrients – and then converts them into a high-quality environmentally friendly commercial fertilizer that can generate revenue for the local utility.

“This technology will save our ratepayers money by extracting nutrients which would otherwise clog our pipes and reduce our plant’s treatment capacity, while also creating a unique and environmentally safe commercial fertilizer product,” said Bill Gaffi, General Manager of Clean Water Services.

The Clean Water Services’ Nutrient Recovery facility is projected to remove more than 90 percent of the phosphorus in the wastewater and produce 500 tons of Crystal Green fertilizer annually.

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