One Thousand Dead Ducks in a River in China

One thousand dead ducks have been found dumped in the Nanhe River in Sichuan Province in China.

The Nanhe River is not used for drinking water, so the worry is not quite as severe as the dead pigs found in Shanghai’s drinking water source. The finding of dead pigs in the Huangpu River has tapered off in recent days, with more than sixteen thousand dead pigs found so far. The source of the dead pigs is still unknown.

The source of the dead ducks is also unknown. It was not a natural occurrence. The ducks were encased in woven bags – more than fifty bags – before being dumped in the Nanhe River.

Local authorities enclosed the dead animals in plastic bags and buried them. So far, no explanation for the ducks’ death has been announced. There has been no known disease outbreak in the area.

The Nanhe River is several hundred miles from Shanghai. The dead ducks and the dead pigs are likely unrelated incidences. However, the similarity and timing have many people in China worried about what will come next.

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Author: Heather Carr

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