Mom And Baby Yoga: An Alternative To The Gym

Not that your baby needs to hit the gym, but new moms would definitely look forward to getting back into shape. And spending some special fitness time with their new born would be a major plus.

Although signing up to a gym membership would be motivating, the convenience of going to the gym has its costs.

  • Monthly membership (possible contract)
  • Transportation to get to the gym
  • Cost of energy to fun the facilities.

It would literally take your car’s emission and a whole lot of energy to run the gym (sometimes even 24 hrs/day) to make you fit! An alternative to that would be get some fresh air by walking to your nearby park to do some running (instead of a treadmill), or to a local yoga center to sign up for a few courses. Although a yoga center is also a facility, there are no electrical machines required for you to do yoga!

Now for “Mom and Baby Yoga” it’s a chance for new moms to regain strength and flexibility, bond with your baby and a chance to interact with other mothers and babies. Before signing up for these courses, you should gain permission from your pediatrician and doctor. It is open to mothers 4 weeks post-delivery or 6 weeks post-cesarean and the focus of the class is on:

  • Movements and breathing specifically tailored for new moms
  • Developing core strength and stability
  • Strengthening the back, abdomen and pelvic floor
  • Relieving tension in areas such as the neck, shoulders and back.
  • Babies benefit from the baby massages, bonding time with mom and the stimulating environment of new baby friends!

Mom and Baby Yoga classes are designed for babies from 1 month old to the time they can crawl away from the yoga mat. To help your baby further build their back and leg muscles outside of yoga classes, you can use baby activity centers, baby walkers or bumbo products.

Yoga helps strengthen your muscles as well as your peace of mind. You can join the yoga community at your local facilities, or you can read Baby Om: Yoga for Mothers and Babies and enjoy yoga right in your own home.

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Written by Joanna

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