Mission Accomplished: Katie Spotz is Youngest Woman Ever to Row Solo across the Atlantic Ocean

In an effort, initially, to raise $30,000 for Blue Planet Run, a charity dedicated to providing clean water to those without it, 22-year-old Katie Spotz just rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean. It took her 70 days, 5 hours and 22 minutes.

Katie is no stranger to endurance challenges like this. She was the first to swim the entire length of the Allegheny River, has run through the Mojave Desert, and has cycled across the United States, but she says this was definitely her biggest challenge to date.

Katie spent 70 days rowing across the Atlantic

Katie spent 70 days rowing across the Atlantic

Katie landed in South America in the middle of March, after a two-week detour due to bad landing conditions at her original destination (Cayenne, French Guyana), and she has now raised approximately $75,000 for Blue Planet Run. Her revised fundraising goal, though, is $84,510, “$30 (i.e. clean drinking water for life for one person) for every one of the 2,817 miles from Dakar, Senegal to Georgetown, Guyana, the route that Katie has just rowed.”

Katie Spotz' route from Senegal, Africa to Guyana, South America

Katie Spotz’ route from Senegal, Africa to Guyana, South America

To help her reach that final goal and for numerous wonderful photos, stories, interviews, and so on, visit Katie’s Row for Water website.

Katie just spent over two months of her life rowing in order to help provide clean drinking water to others. Throw in your $30 to provide one person with drinking water for the rest of their life.

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