Masonry Wood Stoves

Masonry heaters are much more efficient than the metal stoves Americans typically buy. These examples either incorporate cook stoves, or are stoves that can act as a heater in a small space.

The World’s Best Masonry Cookstoves


Masonry heater, oven and cookstove. This oven has it all. A Finnish Masonry Cookstove, another angle here:

Brick masonry heater and cookstove in France by Clay brick and ceramic tiles are best at taking thermal stress.

Masonry wood cookstoves are popular with pets as well. The cooktop itself is cast iron.

Masonry heater with cookstove.

Masonry oven and cooktop.

Masonry cookstoves can also be used to heat small homes or areas within a home.

Brick cookstove, bake oven and heater in Montreal. The cast iron cooktop becomes hot rapidly but soon loses its heat once the fire has gone out. The masonry and the oven, however, will remain warm for hours.

Masonry heater and cookstove by Flue gasses heat the bench and warm the stairs before heading up the chimney.

Wood cookstove. Note the two rocket stove feeders. Via:


Masonry cookstove alongside a masonry heater with oven. Cookstove has a cast iron cooktop. Step by step how-to:

Brick cookstove by

A timeless brick cookstove and oven by Albie Barten,

Wood cookstove and oven faced in tile.

Tile cookstove with iron cooktop.

Metal and masonry wood cookstove. The exhaust runs behind tile in the corner.

Tile cookstove with iron cooktop.

Stucco cook stove and masonry heater.

Old tile cook stove with an iron top.

Gorgeous masonry oven and cooktop by Max, built for his mom in Bali.

Brick heater, oven and cooktop in Canada. By

Brick cookstove and bake oven by Rodgaards Stenovne,

Soapstone heater, bakeoven and cookstove. By

Soapstone cook stove by

A Soapstone wood cook stove by La Nordica Rosa.
1355. Euros.

A metal wood cookstove by AGA. A metal stove will give off its heat quickly, whereas a masonry cookstove will give a longer lasting, more even heat.


How To Build A Masonry Stove

Finnish Masonry Cookstove:

Stone Cookstove:

Bonus Photos of Masonry Stoves

Masonry Stove Kits

Written by Keiren

Keiren is an artist who lives in New York City. A lover of animals, nature, science & green building. Keiren originally founded Inspiration Green in 2007, which merged with Insteading in 2016.


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  1. Hello:

    I write you from basque country.I like very much this kind of masonry cookstove.

    ¿ Do you say me information abouts guide books to build it?

    Thank you

  2. Good question!

    Masonry stoves are extremely clean burning. There are reports by many that they have not had to clean theirs after ten years of use. Since you are burning hot and fast most all particulates and soot get consumed instead of sticking to the side walls of the flue. And there are clean out entries for ashes.

    But as for a good interior wall cleaning after some years. I am unsure!

  3. i’m looking to buy a wood cook stoves to use in Africa and would like a brochure with prices please.

    Thank you

  4. Hi, I am a drafting and Graphic Design student at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. I am currently in the process of designing a ‘Residential Dwelling’ for my Architectural Drafting class.

    I am trying to incorporate a functional wood burning cook stove alongside a wood burning stove or fireplace in the kitchen and living (great room) of my design. Currently my design shows that there isn’t a wall in between these two rooms but the fireplace is what separates the two rooms.

    Would you be able to provide me with some photos of some fireplaces or wood stoves or some such that would fit what I am trying to design? I was looking at the photos of ‘masonry heater & cooktop and ovens’ and would like to see some more examples.

    My kitchen is designed to be located on the eastern side of the house with the livingroom in the center and a sleeping wing off the northwest corner of the livingroom. My total design right now without tweaking is a total of 11,000 square feet top to bottom. That is a total of an attic and basement and then two floors in between.

  5. I have homestead and need to build a cook stove/bread oven for cooking and heating the cabin,I’m looking for publications , drawings ,plans, manuals , l have a background in brick laying and masonary work .

    Thanks for all the help I can get.


    • Missouri department of natural resources has a PDF book on their website with plans for masonry stoves. I personally downloaded it. Enjoy

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