Manuka Honey: A Natural Anti-Bacterial Remedy

Learn why forking over a little more cash for this unique type of honey could keep you out of the doctor's office.

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Have you ever seen Manuka honey in the store, and then quickly put it back on the shelf because of the much higher price tag? If you can, forking over a little more for this unique type of honey could keep you out of the doctor’s office.

Manuka honey is a monofloral (one flower source) honey made by bees in New Zealand’s North and South islands. The honey, which is is typically dark in colour with a strong flavour,ย has become wildly popular in Europe and North America because of its antibacterial properties, but its important to note that antimicrobial activity varies with origin and processing.ย Manuka Honey should contain at least 70 percent Manuka pollen count in order to be considered anti-bacterial.

The UMFยฎ mark
All honey has some natural bacteria fighting abilities, however when it’s marked with the UMFยฎ (Unique Manuka Factor) seal, it signifies the amount of non-peroxide activity. The non peroxide activity provides extra anti-bacterial abilities compared to regular honey, in which the peroxide activity breaks down when dissolved in water. However, Manuka honey has a high consistency of non peroxide activity, so it retains its anti-bacterial abilities even when used with water. The minimum UMFยฎ mark you should look for is 5 and it can go as high as 25+, which has the strongest anti-bacterial power.

Health Benefits
It’s great to use on a daily basis to keep healthy, or to be used to prevent disorders such as sore throats, stomach ulcers, other gastro-intestinal issues, and it even works great on minor scrapes and burns. It is also used extensively by hospitals to fight off MRSA (a powerful โ€œflesh-eatingโ€ bacteria) and as a wound dressing to promote healing and fight infection. Manuka honey can also be stored for years and increases it’s ability to fight bacteria even higher, so don’t worry about it expiring!

And it’s always best to use natural sources to keep healthy, rather than relying on prescription drugs. So make an effort to keep healthy to avoid getting sick, especially with the changing weather it’s always best to keep you health a priority.

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