Louisiana Sinkhole Update 4 Sep 2012

The sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana remains the same size, but new bubbling spots have been found.

Before the sinkhole opened up at the beginning of August, residents reported strange bubbling spots in the bayous and tremors. Tremors aren’t being reported at this time. The three new bubbling spots are in Bayou Corne, Grand Bayou, and Triche Canal. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has taken samples. I’ll update you on the results of those tests when they’re published

The EPA took measurements on 23 August 2012. The results of radiological tests showed no elevated levels of radiation in or around the sinkhole. There were also no chemical detections.

Drilling has resumed near the Texas Brine Company cavern. It will still be a while before the drill reaches the cavern.

The most recent video of the sinkhole was taken on 25 August 2012 and was included in the last update on the sinkhole.

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Author: Heather Carr

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