Louisiana Sinkhole Update 30 Aug 2012

Louisiana Sinkhole 25 Aug 2012

The sinkhole near Bayou Corne, Louisiana is holding steady. Hurricane Isaac dumped a lot of rain on Assumption Parish, trees are down and power is out (but being restored), and the sinkhole is the same size it was before the storm.

Texas Brine Company shut down the drilling site in anticipation of the storm. It will take two or three days to get the drilling going again. It’s still some weeks before the drill reaches the salt cavern.

Texas Brine Company has been issuing relief checks for those who had to evacuate because of the sinkhole. They canceled the Thursday distribution, but will be at St. Joseph the Worker Church Hall from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, 31 Aug 2012.

I’ll post another update when something happens with the sinkhole. If it stays the same size, then expect an update on drilling on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The latest flyover video was taken nearly a week ago, on 25 Aug 2012.

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Author: Heather Carr

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