Louisiana Sinkhole Update 14 Sep 2012

Louisiana Sinkhole 13 Sep 2012

The latest video flyover of the sinkhole in Assumption Parish shows no change in the size of the sinkhole. Some new seismic activity has been detected.

Hurricane Isaac doesn’t seem to have changed the size or shape of the sinkhole. The latest video (below) is from 13 September 2012 and it looks similar to previous flyover videos. Cleanup of diesel on the surface of the sinkhole continues, but only from the edge. After two cleanup workers nearly got sucked into the sinkhole last month, going into the center of the sinkhole area is prohibited.

Seismic tremors are being felt in the area. The tremors are coming from northwest of the sinkhole. It’s not certain what the tremors mean. The USGS is monitoring the tremors.

Louisiana Sinkhole 13 Sep 2012 Drilling RigThe drilling rig set up by Texas Brine Company has nearly reached the cavern. We should know what they find in a week or two.

Separate from the drilling by Texas Brine Company, Walker-Hill Environmental has been contracted by the Office of Conservation to drill down to the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer and check on natural gas levels there. If necessary, the well can be used to vent the aquifer.

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Author: Heather Carr

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