Louisiana Sinkhole Update 15 Nov 2012 – Tremors

Residents of the area around the Louisiana sinkhole have been reporting tremors, but the USGS has not detected any earthquakes.

Louisiana Sinkhole 14 Nov 2012

Residents of the area around the Louisiana sinkhole have been reporting tremors, but the USGS has not detected any earthquakes.

At a meeting held about the Assumption Parish sinkhole, local residents talked about feeling tremors. One person felt the tremors in Bayou Corne and said that others felt the tremors in Pierre Part and Brule. Louisiana State Representative Joe Harrison added that his office has received calls reporting tremors in Terrebonne and Upper Lafourche Parish.

These tremors aren’t showing up on USGS maps, so I’m not sure what to make of them. For those of you in the area, what are you feeling? Are pictures falling off the walls? Is it hard to stand during the tremors? How long does the rumbling last?

Youtube user cloversweed posted a video highlighting parts of the recent meeting with commentary. He’s included links to the entire video of the meeting below the video, so it’s worth a click over there if you want to watch the whole meeting. Below that video, I’ve posted the latest flyover video from the Assumption Parish sheriff.

The flyover video from yesterday, 14 Nov 2012:



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  1. because of big hum natural oil deposit just adjacent to the to the cavern built to close to the sidewall of the sediment material and disasterisly close to a large oil deposit under extreme pressure at about 6000ft. the oil pocket has broke thru into the dome because of the man made cavern. creating the sinkhole by displaceing sedament. oil is pushing up thru the displaced sediment and filling the upper level methane pockets to let the oil eventually serface from the preasure of the big hum .at the same time letting water down to desolve the salt dome. the bass of the dome is 15000ft deep the peek is 700 the tremers are from the salt desolveing and the land sinking.
    the experts knom percisely what is happening their just not saying what they already know. for reasons that i cant understand. this is so scarry and incredibly sad to see whats to come. when i realized my heart pounded because i got such a bad feeling about this.. this area will see the worst man made disaster that the world has ever seen by thousands of times great than whatever man made disaster we have seen so far. so sorry all.

  2. I would like to know if or when the residents of Assumption Parish have been addressed by gov. Jindal. Or is he concerned about us at all


    I’d like to know if or when Gov. Jindal has addressed the residents of Assumption Parish on this matter.

    • Except for the emergency order recognizing the sinkhole as a disaster and ordering state agencies to cooperate quickly and fully on the matter, I am not aware that Gov. Jindal has addressed the people of Assumption Parish about the sinkhole.

      The Louisiana DNR and representatives of other state agencies have been in the area keeping investigation of the sinkhole moving.

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