Local Berry Picking: Sustainable Fun For The Whole Family!

Looking for a fun activity for the holiday weekend? Why not support a local farmer and pick some delicious berries!

Local sourcing for fruit supports local businesses and minimizes the impact of transportation such as carbon emissions and the extra energy needed to keep the food refrigerated during transit.

Growing fruits and vegetables in your own garden may be a helpful source, but if you have a particular craving for strawberries this summer and don’t have enough volume in your garden to keep up with your appetite, going to a local pick-your-own berry farm will be a very rewarding trip for the whole family. And it doesn’t have to limit to strawberries, blueberries are also a popular choice as they are full of antioxidants.

Strawberry picking tips

  • Look for plump firm strawberries that are fully red.
  • Bring your own containers and only stack the strawberries no higher than 5 inches, as it will bruise the fruit.
  • Leave the picked strawberries in the container for air and only wash when consumed. Otherwise the extra moisture will rotten the fruit.
  • Refrigerated strawberries lasts for just a few days. To freeze the strawberries, wash and place in vacuum zip lock bag and will last for months.
  • Wear old shoes that you don’t mind getting strawberry stains on, because they are rather hard to wash off!

Blueberry picking tips

  • Look for plump full blueberries that are light gray-blue color. Try not to pick white and green colored blueberries, as they will not ripen after they are picked.
  • The fastest way to pick blueberries is to cup a ripe bunch in your hand and rub them with your fingers, have a bucket underneath to catch the ripe berries.
  • Refrigerated blueberries will last 10-14 days. To freeze the berries, leave them unwashed as they will freeze separately that way. Just rinse them when taken out of the freezer.

So with the upcoming holiday, call your local farm and make a trip to enjoy a delicious day with friends and family.

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