Live Ebola Map Helps Chart Your Course

With public schools closed and 142 people in the Cleveland, Ohio area being actively monitored for Ebola symptoms as I write this, I feel like this whole “Ebola outbreak” thing is something that we should keep track of. Luckily, some intrepid programmers have put together the “Live Ebola Map”, a site that obsessively tracks the progress of the current Ebola outbreak.

It should be noted that Ebola is still being listed as am “epidemic“, rather than the much more terrifying “pandemic“. With confirmed cases in Africa, Europe, and North America already in the books, however, many believe the outbreak is going to get really, seriously bad. Even the traditionally sane BBC was claiming 20,000 deaths were expected- and that was back in September, when the disease was still (mostly) contained to a single continent!

In the interest of keeping track of the wheres, whens, and hows of Ebola, then, I strongly recommend you check out the Live Ebola Map. Click on the screencap, below, to go to the site.


Live Ebola Map

ebola in the us


NOTE: Anyone who believes they are at risk or who has questions can call the CDC, Summit Public Health at 330-926-3939 or Ohio Health Department’s 24-hour hotline at 1-866-800-1404. Seriously. We will totally machete you if you don’t.

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Author: Jo Borrás

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