2nd Hand Review: the Leatherman Charge Titatanium

Leatherman Charge Titanium

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when the zombie hoards crazed shopaholics invade the malls looking for gifts for the special outdoorsman in their life. I do that online, usually – and, after spending some time poking around at the various multitools, I think I’ve settled on the new Leatherman Charge Titanium (TTi) as the multitool that I’d want to find on my belt if the zombie apocalypse were to hit town.

The Leatherman Charge TTi weighs just 8.4 ounces, and is made using a mix of high-strength titanium and high-carbon 154CM steel for its knife blade. In theory, the Charge TTi could be used for everything from safely cutting though clothes in an emergency situation to snapping off fencing wire to cutting down small trees to set up a zombie/in-law free bunker zone. You can check out some of what I mean in this video, below, from


Now, I have to admit that I grew up a Swiss Army Knife fan. I loved the little scissors and felt that the big version was the sine qua non of pocket knives. Whereas a strong argument can be made for the Swiss knives, however, they do have some significant downfalls when compared to the Leatherman Charge. The first one is obvious: the Leatherman pliers are superior – even if the Swiss knives have pliers, they are usually an afterthought. In the Leatherman, they’reone of the main features of the tool. Another great feature of the Leatherman Charge is that the external blades that it comes with all lock. This is a great safety feature, and one that my Swiss knives just don’t have – I even have some nice cut scars on my fingers from when the blade collapsed on me.

I should, at this point, probably thank my brother for getting me into these multi tools in the first place. A few years ago he was extolling the virtues of his Leatherman and, being a Swiss army knife guy, I never quite believed him. However, when I was the best man in his wedding earlier this year, he gave me a Leatherman Charge Titanium as a gift – and I agree with everything in that video. Thanks little brother!


Sources | Images: Leatherman, via Nutnfancy.

Written by Walt Nekrosius

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