Keystone XL Pipeline Still Being Built; Protestors Arrested

Tar Sands Development in Alberta

TransCanada began installing the first segments of the Keystone XL pipeline in east Texas on August 9, 2012. The pipeline will carry sticky tar diluted with a solvent from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada to refineries in Texas. The likelihood of a spill that might contaminate aquifers and surface waters has made this project controversial from the start.

Protestors set up camp at the building site early on. Several have been arrested – last week twelve people were pulled down from high perches in pine trees or removed from heavy machinery where they had chained themselves and sent to jail.

The progress on the Keystone XL pipeline can be a bit surprising, considering that many voters prefer renewable energy sources over the Keystone XL pipeline by nearly four to one.

Twelve Arrested in Texas Keystone XL Pipeline Blockade (via Environment News Service)

NACOGDOCHES, Texas, November 19, 2012 (ENS) – Twelve people were arrested in east Texas today as they blockaded construction of TransCanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The protesters warn that burning the heavy fossil fuel will emit large amounts of greenhouse gases, warming the planet beyond…

Tar sands development in Alberta photo via Shutterstock

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