Japanese Tsunami Debris Includes 66 Foot Dock

Japanese dock

Among the Japanese tsunami debris that has washed up onshore is a sixty-six foot dock, still intact.

The dock washed ashore on Tuesday morning on Agate Beach, near Newport, Oregon. It measures sixty-six feet long, seven feet high, and nineteen feet wide. A small metal plaque with Japanese writing on it is still attached.

The Japanese consulate confirmed that the dock was from a northeast area of Japan. Scientists took samples of the marine life attached to the dock and said some were unique to Japan.

The dock was also tested for radiation, because of the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster caused by the tsunami, but no radiation was found.

The Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation is deciding how to remove the dock without disrupting the shore.

Japanese dock photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation

Written by Heather Carr


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