Improving Sustainable Fisheries

Coral Reef

New research shows that fisheries managers can improve profits from sustainable fisheries given the right combination of tools.

Researchers looked at various combinations of Marine Protected Areas (fishing is off-limits) and limitations on number of boats, catch, fishing locations, and days fished. They found that when a fisheries manager has a good scientific understanding of the fishery and the ability to set limits and allowances, profit could more than double over a scenario where fishing is not allowed in one area, but allowed everywhere else.

It seems to indicate that Marine Protected Areas could be used to designate habitat-rich environments to be set aside for conservation purposes, as they currently are. Fish and other sea life could multiply inside the boundaries. Outside the boundaries of the Marine Protected Area, fisheries managers could set limitations on the fishing in order to maximize profit.

Refining The Tool Kit For Sustainable Fisheries (via redOrbit)

Managers who have more — and more subtle – tools may be able to generate more profit from a sustainable fishery than they can using marine protected areas alone As spatial planning is used increasingly to manage fisheries and other ocean resources, researchers are working to determine the best…

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Author: Heather Carr

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