Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change: Is There a Connection?

Hurricane Sandy damage in Far Rockaway, New York

The unusual nature of Hurricane Sandy and the immense damage the storm caused along the east coast of North America has brought climate change back into the spotlight.

More storms, more severity of weather events, more droughts – these all point to climate change as a major factor. Would droughts and hurricanes happen in a world without climate change? Of course they would, but climate change affects the number and intensity of extreme weather events.

An especially interesting point covered in the article below is the economic factor. An opinion recently published in the Wall Street Journal claims that economically, hurricane damage has been the same over a number of years, when things like inflation are taken into account. However, with our better building codes and ability to predict and track hurricanes, which allows people to get themselves and their belongings out of harm’s way to some extent, shouldn’t the economic costs be decreasing?

WSJ, Sandy, and Global Warming – Asking the Right Questions (via Skeptical Science)

Posted on 6 November 2012 by dana1981 The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has published an opinion editorial (op-ed) regarding Hurricane Sandy, written by Roger Pielke Jr. with a subtitle wrongly claiming that “Connecting energy policy and disasters makes little scientific sense.”  The basis of that argument…

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Author: Heather Carr