The Liquid of Life: How Your Body Uses Water

why should we drink water

Water is essential to life, as we know it, and while we all know we’re supposed to drink 6-8 glasses of clean water each day to stay “healthy”, we aren’t always taught about what those 6-8 glasses are really doing for us, or how our body uses water. Most of us, also, are totally unaware of how water gets cleaned and filtered before it gets to us.

If you ask me, that’s exactly why this handy-dandy infographic from our friends at Pelican Water is so great.

Did you know that consistent hydration helps you stay focused at work or at school, sharpens your memory, and boosts your mood? Water can also help you look and feel better by helping to curb your appetite and promote weight loss and maintenance. Those fun tidbits are just the tip of the iceberg first wave of benefits. You can find out more about how your body uses water, and how pure water gets to your tap, in the Pelican Water infographic, below. It’s called, simply, the Liquid of Life. Enjoy!


Infographic: How Your Body Uses Water


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Written by Jo Borrรกs

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