How to Start a Vegetable Garden for Spring (+ crafty garden ideas!)

From growing from seeds to making things pretty, here’s how to start a vegetable garden this spring.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden for Spring (+ crafty garden ideas!)

Spring is here! It’s still not too late to start your spring garden, even from seed. Whether you’re new to gardening or an old pro, we’ve highlighted some super fun garden guides hor how to start a vegetable garden (or herb garden!) and how to deck out your garden, DIY-style.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden from Seed

Our very own Mary Gerush is a gardening rockstar. She has her own mini urban farm in Texas and has been sharing her amazing growing adventures over there. Below are the four awesome garden guides

1. Getting Started – This is her intro to urban growing that gets into what to plant and where and when to plant it.

2. Starting Seeds Indoors, Part 1 – This is all about planning which seeds to start and an introduction to germinating.

3. Starting Seeds Indoors, Part 2 – Garden guides to choosing your seed-starting containers and soils.

4. Starting Seeds Indoors, Part 3 – Ready to start those seedlings? This garden guide has everything you need to know about the planting process.

Mary has guides in the works for transplanting your seedlings and for maintaining your garden in the works. If you’re not following her work at Eat Drink Better, I can’t recommend it enough.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden for Spring (+ crafty garden ideas!)

Crafty Garden Ideas

5. Upcycled Garden Ideas – Turn trash into garden decor treasure. Think of these ideas as jumping-off points to creating your own upcycled garden decorations.

6. Spring Cleaning Tips for the Garden – Are you reworking last year’s garden? Sustainablog has some great tips on getting it ready for spring.

7. Build a Raised Bed – This is a garden guide to building a raised bed when you have a very specific area that you’re trying to fill. This bed is still going strong at our house, years later. All we’ve had to do to maintain was replace some worn out screws last year.

8. Build an Herb Spiral – Do you have heaps of bricks that you’ve found while digging or left from another projects? Turn them into a super cool herb spiral. It’s a spin on a traditional raised bed.

A version of this piece originally ran at Crafting a Green World; republished here with permission.

Written by Becky Striepe

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