Awesome Perennial Plants: How To Grow Asparagus


Asparagus commands a particularly high price in the supermarket, but you should not be content paying a lot of money for its delicious flavor. You can grow your own patch of asparagus in your home gardenΒ that will produce for years and years to come, as long as you plan well and tend it carefully in the early phases of growth. Asparagus is yet another awesome perennial plant that will continue to provide you and your family bounty from the garden with very little inputs.

Dig in: learn how to grow asparagus

One thing to understand if you want to grow asparagus is that it takes two years to get the plant established enough so that you can actually harvest the vegetable, but after that, you will benefit from years of production without having to ever replant. And that’s the beauty of the perennial vegetable. Although it takes some start-up energy, it is fairly self-reliant once it gets comfortable.

Check out this write-up for extensive information about how to grow asparagus. What you’ll need is a nice sunny spot in your garden that has well-drained, light soil, some organic mulch, and asparagus crowns, which you can get from a local nursery.

Give it a try — your friends and family will love coming over for steamed asparagus or asparagus on the grill! Enjoy!


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