Hiker Finds Creepy Abandoned Town in TN Mountains

Hiking in Tennessee‘s Great Smoky Mountains Park last year, Jordan Liles stumbled on a creepy, forest abandoned town that is sure to give you nightmares.

What if you were a hiker, and found a ghost town looming out of the fog? That’s what Jordan Liles found. He was hiking inside Tennessee‘s Great Smoky Mountains National Park last year when he stumbled on a creepy, deep-forest ghost town that looks like it could have been pulled from the set of the Walking Dead. Except, you know, the houses on that zombie show look a lot less terrifying.

Seriously, who is mowing all the lawns on that show?

In any event, the abandoned town Liles found used to be called Elkmont, TN, and was home to the Wonderland Club. The club was the centerpiece of a small town that had structures like a motel, a few houses, and a general store. You can learn more the hiker’s find in the video, above, which Liles introduces with the following text, below. Enjoy!

About a mile up an unnamed gravel road inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the back way into an abandoned neighborhood and hotel, some of which was originally constructed more than 100 years ago. In the fully edited film below, Tennessee Wonderland, I explore the houses and the remains of what was once referred to as the Wonderland Club. I’ve applied color correction, balanced audio levels, cut everything down to the essentials without sacrificing interesting moments and most importantly, I made sure to place importance on including a proper ending.

Hiker Finds Abandoned Town in Appalachian Mountains

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