Help Save the Frogs Win $250,000

Save the Frogs, a nonprofit organization dedicated to amphibian conservation, is competing for $250,000 in the Chase Community Giving Contest. Save the Frogs is involved in many projects to improve water quality around the world.

Amphibians are some of the first animals to show the effects of polluted water. Keeping water clean enough for frog populations to stay healthy is the first step to keeping water clean for humans.

Save the Frogs has projects to educate citizens on the dangers of pesticides, on the necessity of wetland conservation, and on the effects of climate change. A recent campaign involving the pesticide atrazine was led by Save the Frogs and got the attention of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

How to Help

The Chase Community Giving Contest is sponsored by Chase Bank. The grand prize winning charity receives $250,000. Four charities will receive $100,000 and ninety-five charities will receive $25,000.

Charities are chosen by voting through Facebook. Only people with a Facebook account can vote. The contest ends November 22, so get your vote in quickly.

After you vote, let your friends know about the contest so they can vote, too.

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Author: Heather Carr

  1. PLEASE VOTE. FROGS ARE VERY CRUCIAL FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT AND MEDICINE. Also i had some as pets and they are very sweet creatures but they should never be pets or sold on the market. Though I loved my frogs very much after seeing how misserable they are in a cage I realized that they are truely senstives creatures and only thrive in healthy wild life conditions. They should be left alone and their land. We need to start finding other solutions or we are going to be just like that planet from star wars movie and just be one gian ball of citiys and streets. No green any where or wild life.

  2. Hi our world is desperate and radical changes are needed. Though not the complete answer I believe people should buy a kindle e-reader. every day millions of trees are being cut down for printing paper. The e-reader holds 1000s of books and magazines without one tree being touched, encouraging wild life to continue.
    Rick form enjoypress

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